What separates TEKton Executive IT Group from our competitors is our delicate balance of academic excellence, industry certifications and integration of industry standards, training and experience. Another way of stating this is through the acronym TEKTechnology, Experience and Knowledge.


Our employees honorably hold degrees from state accredited universities at both the bacelorette and masters level and high-level certifications from both Cisco and Microsoft to name a few.


Collectively our employees possess over 40 years of hands-on experience in both government and private sector and have strategically aligned TEKton Executive IT Group through partnerships with other experienced IT organizations.


All of this is encapsulated by proven leadership and sound decision making by all members of our team. This will also enable TEKton Executive IT Group to guide our clients into making cost-effective decisions that will ultimately enhance the business model for maximizing revenue (e.g., Aligning IT with Business).

TEKton Executive I.T. Group, LLC

email: info@tekton.biz

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