Our primary specialty is in IT Governance and IT Service Management of the Enterprise Architecture.  I like to think of a good CIO as being the equivalent of a "General Practioner" in the medical field.  Normally, a patient doesn't start out with a specialist until they are given a referral from their primary care physician.  The same principle applies to the IT Industry.  A CEO and/or COO can waste lots of time and money going to the specialists first (i.e., network engineer, software developer, database administrator, etc.) without first consulting with the "generalist" who is specialized within ALL domains of IT.  

Strategic Perspective

We at TEKton Executive IT Group take the "big picture" approach of any company first through skillfull and practical assessments (empirical data) that will inform the executives of their strengths and weaknesses.  From that point we will map out an IT Plan that will "dovetail" into, or align with, the Business Plan.  From the analysis we will also pinpoint Opportunities and Strengths. 


Our employees hold degrees from state accredited universities at both the bacelorette and masters level.

Industry Certifications

Our employees hold certifications from top vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco.  Additionally, we have other top level certifications such as CISSP, CEH and CGEIT to name a few.  The certifications demonstrates knowledge of the products we support and a keen understanding of industry best practices. 


Lastly, we have accumulated over 40 years of industry experience individually and as a company.  It is the combination of the Technology, Experience and Knowledge that sets apart from our competitors.

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