Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The CIO is key communicator in defining and translating business goals and strategies into systems performance requirements.  He/She is the C-Level executive best positioned to develop a strategic understanding of a organization's operations and the IT systems supporting those operations.

Best practice CIOs are "Master Architects" of the Enterprise Architecture (Business, Application, Information and Technology) whose vision encompasses a future-state to be achieved through a keen understanding of business goals and objectives, strategies and current technological opportunities. 

The four (4) competencies of a good CIO are:

    1. Leadership
    2. Business Strategy and Process Management
    3. Innovation and Growth
    4. Organization and Talent Management  


The CIO should have four perspectives that correlate with the Balanced Scorecard schema published by the Harvard Business Review:

    1. Financial Perspective
    2. Customer Perspective
    3. Business Perspective
    4. Learning Perspective 

Overall Goal (IT-Business Alignment)

Three critical responsibilities of a CIO are: 1) Selecting IT solutions that correlate to the business goals, 2) Creating and maintaining employee/user awareness, 3) Maximizing the benefits. 

What is desperately needed in the business environment is a set of guiding principles, processes, maps, guideposts, and milestones that communicate and align IT to the business strategies, which guide both IT and the business through objectives (milestones), plans, tactics and techniques.


Daily Reading for a well-informed CIO





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